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Work and Derby going well.

[ profile] airspaniel and [ profile] rockradar came to visit last week, and it was amaaaaaazing. I love them both so much, and I miss them so much, and it was so awesome to have them in my house.

That their flight didn't get in until 5am Friday when it was supposed to have arrived 11:30pm Thursday really sucked, but the important thing is that they got here, and we had all the fun. And drank all the beer.

Operation: CONVINCE THEM TO MOVE HERE was moved further towards success. Pictures and a more detailed post to come.

Here, have some links...

-Either Gearbox are stupid, or their PR firm is really stupid.

-Enjoy a free download of Samuel L. Jackson reading the instant children's classic, Go the F**k to Sleep. Yes, this has been linked everywhere. BRB, not caring!

-Why Groupon is Poised For Collapse. Wow, eerily reminiscent of the housing bubble's burst...

-6 Reasons Engagement Ring Shopping Objectively Sucks. YES THIS. If you're dropping many figures on my engagement ring, I'd want to know why that money wasn't thrown at your debt. Or a sweet vacation. Or something more useful than, to use a quote from the comments, "something that could be left on a sink in a public restroom."

-I'm a little late to the party with this one, but [ profile] bodlon is raising money for top surgery. I <3 him to tiny little pieces, and he deserves all the help he can get.
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I tried to get on my skates yesterday, and it was laughable. I hope I have better luck on the rink rather than the uneven sidewalk outside my apartment.

I did the Shred yesterday, and this morning I went on to the second level routine. I really like the cardio a lot better, as well as the strength moves and the abs. But all the planks and pushups can blow me. Okay, I lie. I did like the walk-through pushups. But the squat thrusts and the plank jacks can blow me.

I am going to be a world of hurt tomorrow and I can't wait.

In other news...A friend of mine sorta got into it with a woman over on her blog. I couldn't resist commenting as well, and wow. The post and her response to both of us are amazing examples of How Not To Blog About Body Positivity and How To Be A Bad Blog Host. You can find the lulz here.


Jan. 12th, 2011 01:03 pm
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-Yesterday, I went a little crazy and did both the shred and took a yoga class with a co-worker. The yoga class was amazing. I've taken a few classes since moving down here, but this was this was the first one that made me feel like the ones at Om did. I felt so great after.

-Things Real People Don't Say About Advertising

-From the "Inigo Montoya Hates You" files: Sarah Palin opens her mouth and lets some stupid fall out. Hey, Sarah! You realize you just used the phrase "blood libel" in a situation that involves a Jewish public figure getting shot, right? You meant to do that, right? Ugh.

-On a far happier note, Wil Wheaton reminds us that fezzes are cool.

-Everyone who complained about noisy snowplows? STFU.

-Eff this noise. I'm getting lunch.
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-The Shred Continues! My endurance was a little bit down, but I think that's because I slacked over the weekend. (I was still a little sore this morning before my workout.) I also had to wimp out on using the weights on one of the strength routines. I guess I'll just have to work up to it again. Also also, my left wrist (which was angry all weekend) was even less amused at being asked to do pushups again. Ah well. It continues.

-Good work news: My responsibilities are getting shifted around so that I'm being gradually trained in the direction I wanted to head. This is greatly pleasing to me, as I thought I would have to train in something I was completely disinterested in first. So that's good.

-Over the weekend, Josh and I went to IKEA and got dining room chairs. This may not sound that exciting, but OMG THIS IS AWESOME. Seriously, I really, really prefer eating dinner at a dining table and not in front of the TV. And now we can! *\o/*

-This Cracked article on weight loss, entitled, "5 Weight Loss Tips for Cynical Bastards" is probably the best article about weight loss I've read in ages. It doesn't bootstrap, it doesn't lean on fads, and best of all, it acknowledges that weight loss is impossible for some, difficult at best, and that there really is a "Weight Loss Industrial Complex." I appreciate that kind of bluntness. ETA: This link has
led to weight loss discussion in the comments. Feel free to skip if you like.

-Everyone who didn't tell me about today's TeeFury shirt is dead to me*. [ profile] valjean615 wins a whole lot of everything for letting me know about it. :)
-[ profile] tongodeon brings us this story about a family bounced from their flight for not giving up the baby's seat so one of the many stranded-in-Heathrow passengers could get home. I'm conflicted about it, but my biggest question is: Were they flying with a baby carseat? If so, where the heck were they going to put it so the person on standby could take the seat? Also, if the parents bought the extra ticket so that the baby could be in that seat, why should they give it up? Bonus for use of the term "baby projectile."

*You're not actually dead to me. But I am a little surprised I didn't hear about it until 2130CT.
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-Day 2 back on the Shred. I was going to alternate the shred with running, but then I remembered it's the week after New Year's and the gym on my side of the complex only has one working treadmill. Yeah, no. I think I'll be running on the weekends instead...

Today was harder than yesterday, I think because I'm so sore. Oh well, I'll eat a banana and shut up about it. ;)

-Last night I went to Forever 21 for my initial Gally shopping. I had a specific costume in mind, and I'd found a shirt on the website that was what I needed. Of course, as often happens, the website and what's in the stores vary wildly, and I was unable to find the shirt. I kicked around a couple other costume ideas in my head, and landed on one that's less trashy, but still hilarious. (It's another Gaga piece.)

While there, I also found the single greatest discovery I've ever seen: this. Yes, I'm wearing it now.

-I'm signing up for something today that, if I stick with it, could be super fucking awesome.
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Have I mentioned lately how much I love Austin? It's January 5th, and it smells like fall out there. <3

I bought a hairdryer the other day, and I forgot how much of a difference they can make when my hair is this length. Sure, it's an extra few minutes in the morning, but I don't feel like a dork with a dead animal on my head for the rest of the day.


-Oh, Chik-fil-A, what did I do? Why you gotta make me leave? [personal profile] flemco, you mentioned, ages ago, a chicken restaurant you felt was as good, if not better. Was it Church's?

-The ever-awesome Sady at Tiger Beatdown reminds us of Bradley Manning, further proof that no good deed goes unpunished.

-Via [personal profile] supergee, Can you spot the female geek?

-How Luxury Changes You.


Dec. 15th, 2010 11:12 am
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-Yesterday, as I was about to go over to the gym for my run, I realized I couldn't find my iPod. So I figured, "Damn the downstairs neighbors," and did the 30-Day Shred. Because today was a "strength" day, I did it again. My legs hurt so much, you guys. That said, I'm super looking forward to my run tomorrow. When I was doing the Shred back in the spring, it did incredible things for my endurance. I'm also going for yoga with a co-worker either tomorrow or Friday.

-I'm so almost done with my family holiday shopping, guys. I have one more present to buy!

-Seen in various places, but most succinctly here: Swiss Bank UBS's dress code.

-The vandalism of LGBT texts at Harvard's library has been discovered to be ...gross students and the result of a clumsy janitor?

-A gay, Australian, answer to Big Bang Theory? Sure, why not! I may have to track this one down...

-[ profile] rm requests that Torchwood fen check ourselves before we wreck ourselves.

-Speaking of checking oneself before wrecking oneself, and the failure to do so...[ profile] neo_prodigy gives us a good run-down of Dan Slott's fall from grace. This one upsets me personally, both as a fan of his She-Hulk reboot, and as someone who's met the guy and found him quite sweet and kind. Bah.

-CBR/Jezebel bring us 20 Favorite Female Comic Creators of 2010, Pt 1. We get 1 - 9 next week!

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-I'm pretty busy for a Sunday. Am barely through my to-do list. I keep meaning to get up, but then I say "Meh."

-Part of the sloth is that USA is having an Indiana Jones marathon. I'm watching "Temple of Doom" for the first time in many years. A) WOW FAIL. B) Fans of "Raiders of the Lost Ark" must have been livid to trade down from Marion for Willie. Feh. What an awful character.

-Via [ profile] woogledesigns on FB, A celebrity conspiracy for bad graphic design.


-Yeah, that's all I've got.
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-I slept 11 hours last night. Damn. I guess I was tired.

-Today I must clean the house and write holiday cards. I'm gonna need another nap!

-I need to start thinking about costumes for Gally. I have one that I'm doing for sure, I'm debating the wisdom of bringing back TARDIS Gaga, Torchwood Lesbian will never be out of style (tinyhat!), and if this working out thing really takes hold, my suits will fit again, and I can bring back Ten and The Master. Actually, if that last bit happens, I'll probably be sorted for costuming.

-Some mind-bendingly lucky soul FOUND A STASH OF THE ORIGINAL GAP TROUSERS that the Tenth Doctor's suit was made from. He is attempting to use the trousers to make the suit jacket. [personal profile] bodlon wins the thread with the quote, "If it goes badly, you can just say it was pants." LOL!

-This is funny for eleventy billion reasons. More here.

-I've seen a bunch of these around the internet, but this one's pretty great. So is this one.

-Via [personal profile] supergee, Amazon seems to think independent bookstores don't exist. Bwha?

-If Josh and I were to get a tree, Morbo would be fine about it, but Jack would totally do this. There's a reason we call her The Ruiner. By the way, I think she knew I was writing about her, because as I wrote that, she came to snuggle with me.

-John Seavey over at MightyGodKing posts an excellent analysis of the actual insanity of the Republican party.

-I should probably get off my duff on the housecleaning and holiday cards so I can maybe get to the Webcomics Rampage today...
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-I was thinking of going rock climbing tonight, but Josh is home sick, so I think tonight will belong to Chinese takeout and the Winchester Brothers. Oh, I forgot to mention: In the preamble to getting sick, Josh was feeling really blue. So to cheer him up, I impulse-purchased season one. Dirty Secret: I've seen a lot of later-season episodes, but I've never really followed the show. It's pretty full of win.

-I hope Josh feels better tomorrow so he can come with me to the Webcomics Rampage at Dragon's Lair this weekend!

-Cupcakes in blackface? CUPCAKES IN BLACKFACE.

-Melisssa at Shakesville attempts to change some minds. It sounds like it might even work.

-Lara Croft has been redesigned. She really does look like someone who does what she does. Awesome.

-I'm not wearing anything particularly nerdy today, but Katie is definitely in my heart. Also, I work for a game company and baked Star Wars Christmas cookies with my boyfriend. So nyah.

-Speaking of Star Wars, Adidas does it again.

-In the JOSH DON'T CLICK THIS LINK category, 20 delightfully offbeat nerd gifts for under $20, via Topless Robot.
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-CHRISTMAS: THE COOKIE-ING. Josh got the special cookie presses he ordered, so we've begun baking Christmas cookies. The first round went okay, but I expect the true awesome is yet to come. Also, Josh ended up having to clean the oven all night. Between some bacon we'd cooked and some chicken, the bottom of the oven was all gronk and anytime we turned it on we found ourselves in a smoke situation. The cookies were baked this morning, and as I said: MOAR!!!

-Workouts are going well. I'm feeling stronger and like I have more endurance each day.

-My dear friend Bunche took one for the team and sent to see the Spider-Man musical. You can find his hilarious review here. In fact, tool around his blog when you're done. He's generally a great read. (Warning: Some posts are quite NSFW)

-It's like The Incredible Journey, 21st Century style. Also: *sob*.

-For when Hallmark doesn't quite cut it.

-The charmers at the Westboro Baptist Church are planning on picketing Elizabeth Edwards's funeral. I...what? Do they even have a message anymore? Now I'm sincerely beginning to believe the theory they really just are meatspace internet trolls.

-The latest WikiLeak: A Texas-based government contractor paid for a "Boy Play" party for the Afghani police force they supported. And by "Boy Play," I mean underage male prostitutes and a lot of booze. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

-Via [personal profile] flemco: Well, now. This is repugnant.

-The head coach for the UF Gators steps down so he can have the time to be a father. I saw a bit of the press conference earlier, and I was stunned to hear a man in a role such as his be so eloquent on his need to be a part of his family.
It was also cool to hear about his daughters' athletic accomplishments, of which he sounded really proud.
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-Okay, kids, it's time to talk about WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.

Did he rape those women? I don't care. Or rather, it's not relevant to the conversation that should be happening about what he's doing with information and why it's got the US and world banks scared. The rapes are a red herring. Do you really, seriously, sincerely believe that freaking Interpol puts out a red alert for every rape case that comes across their desk? The answer, my friends, is no.

And I find it offensive to intelligent discourse that we are being distracted by the did-he-or-didn't-he? Honestly? I think he did rape those women. And I would like to see him brought to justice for it.

That said, this is a larger-scale version of nabbing Al Capone on tax evasion.

We are being manipulated into talking about something that, in the majority of cases, gets ignored and swept under the rug. I am horrified to see blog after blog that I read focusing on the rape allegations rather than why they're showing up now. And anytime someone tries to ask that question, they are accused of derailing and not trusting women.

I don't think the questions "Did he rape those women?" and "Has this been manufactured by scared people with a lot of power?" are mutually exclusive. And it's mind-boggling to me that I even have to say this. Pandagon comes closest to making the acknowledgment, but still focuses on the "He raped these women and that needs to be addressed" part.

Lastly, I do agree with Marcotte (and many other bloggers) that the accusers are being dragged through the mud when we should be turning our attentions to Interpol and other players.

-Meanwhile, in a stroke of unheard-of-ness, The Gothamist has the most cogent description of the rape charges. Now I'm extra confused, as those are VERY different than everything else I've heard.

-Via [personal profile] supergee: Why Why Don't You Just Hit Him? is a terrible response to sexual assault.

-Lord help me, I've signed up for a Yuletide pinch-hit. I have no idea what I'm going to write, but I was just SO STUNNED someone actually asked for something for a book I can't believe someone else has heard of.

-A lovely remembrance of Elizabeth Edwards.

-As much as I love Ed Koch, this bridge already has two names. It doesn't need a third. Relatedly, the building on the right is where I grew up! Hi, house!

-I know he's a terribly divisive figure, especially on topics such as these, but I really like this post by [ profile] theferrett on why "She didn't act like she had been raped!" is such a shitty barometer.
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-Let's talk about oatmeal. Because you know what? It's delicious. Eating it is not a moral choice. Yes, it's a healthy food, but I find it just as tasty and possibly more satisfying than a breakfast taco, a bagel with cream cheese, or any other "less healthy" choice. I'm eating oatmeal because I like it, and because there's a giant box of it here at my office. Can we remove eating oatmeal from the OMG U SO HEALTHY commentary list? Please?

-[ profile] copperbadge brings us excellent commentary on charities, what their directors get paid, and how to choose the charity whose morals are most in line with yours.

-Speaking of donating, Treble Entendre is so close to making their goal. Please donate to their Kickstarter so that they can produce Dogboy and Justine? I really want to see this musical happen.

-[personal profile] flemco linked to this super creepy article about the bodies of the fallen climbers on Everest. Warning: FUCKING CREEPY. Also, photos of (warmly clothed) dead bodies and frostbite.

-Firefox has adopted firefox cubs. (Kits?) OMG SO CUTE.

-Topless Robot takes us through the Ten Most Disturbing Invader Zim Episodes. I don't remember much of these things, so clearly I need to rewatch all three seasons soon.

-The first round of holiday cards should go out today. YAY!
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-JAGBoss said Wednesday could be optional, so I'm staying the heck home. I have to pack, pick up a couple of items, snuggle the heck out of the cats, and drop off keys and eat baked goods at [ profile] tsarina's.

-We fly to Boston later this afternoon. Austin-Bergstrom doesn't have the backscatter scanners, so I have nothing to opt out of today. We're heading to the airport early because I'd much rather sit at the bar at the gate than fear I'm going to miss my plane.

-Foxtrot's creator Bill Amend did today's XKCD. It's a fantastic guest strip, but my jaw hit the table because I think it may be the first time a mainstream print comic artist did a guest strip on a webcomic. ETA: I'm wrong! Bill Amend has done a guest strip in Penny Arcade as well. Thanks to [personal profile] flemco for the tip.

-While I have plenty of discontent for the current TSA mishegoss, I don't think this horror story has anything to do with current regulations. Though it does contribute to the "Who really is doing this job?" questions.

-[ profile] londo put together an excellent TSA link roundup. Good broad-spectrum linking.

-Daniel Radcliffe says, "I am Harry Potter."

-Time to get on my horse!
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-Office Thanksgiving today! Everything looks like it's going to be seriously delicious.

-I continue to have hair angst. The color rapidly washed out from "Angela Chase Red" to sort of a dusty rose pink reminiscent of many anime characters, and some fan illustrations of Tonks. I waver between loving the hell out of it, and wanting to cover it up again. I even have a box of dye on deck and ready. I'd take a picture, but the color seems incapable of being captured in photography.

-New Yorkers, don't forget: I am going to hold a brunch somewhere on Saturday, 11/27. I'll keep you guys posted!

-Shakesville has a good TSA Link Roundup this morning.
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-Josh and I have no plans this weekend, and it is awesome. Tonight belongs to Veronica Mars and a bottle of wine.

-Thanks to Josh's employer, we got to see Harry Potter last night. Wow, what an awesome translation of that book. Seriously, that was the best one yet. The first movie, while visually note-perfect, hewed too close to the book to be as awesome as it could have been. This one, though, separated the wheat from the chaff, and showed us the story efficiently and powerfully. The closing scenes were just...*low whistle*. Nice. I can't wait till Part 2.

-Via [ profile] bart_calendar, Johnny Rotten's well-wishes for Wills and Kate.

-I have no idea what you're talking about, so here's a picture of DC Comics' Paul Levitz looking coy with a coffee table book. There's something really interesting and feminine about that picture, especially since he's pretty far from feminine himself. (He's also a sweet and lovely man. I'm not trying to mock him, I'm just totally transfixed by the picture.)

-I'm looking for someplace to convene for Brunch next Saturday. I'm thinking Live Bait or Duke's, but I'm open to suggestions. I honestly have no idea how many people will end up rolling through, so someplace that can take a large group is preferred. Hmm...maybe Old Town?

-One of my favorite co-workers is leaving to work for Apple. While I'm pleased his star is rising, I'm sad the co-worker with the sense of humor closest to mine is leaving. :(

-This piece on what Coolio is cooking for Thanksgiving absolutely cracked me up. Yes, you read that correctly.

TSA Blogging!

-Bruce Schneier gives us his $.02. To me, the best part of the piece is that he links to [ profile] elusis's piece, and praises it.

-This story, of a flight attendant asked to remove her prosthetic breast had me shaking with anger.

-TSA Responds to complaints about airport pat-downs of children.

-Shakesville discusses why it was so important that the Newsweek article was good for those against the new regulations.
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-I went with Josh to his office's poker game last night. I did pretty well until we switched tables after the break, and then I was out in like, five hands. I was dominating my original table up to that point. I'm finding I rather like poker. (Hey, it's a trolley! And I'm late for it!) On the upside, now I finally know what I'd do if I ever went to Vegas. (Double my buy-in and then GTFO.)

-Tonight we're seeing a screening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 1!! I am, of course, rocking my Ravenclaw colors.

TSA Links

-[ profile] elusis takes one for the team. Thank you for that, [ profile] elusis.

-An airport in Florida is hiring a private security firm to take over their checkpoints. I wish it was a bigger airport, but hey, teaspoons and babysteps.

-A woman is suing the TSA for exposing her breasts to the entire security area, and worse, for an agent joking about having wished he was there to film it for his own enjoyment. For the love of god, don't read the comments.

-More flyer forum chatter.

-Newsweek addresses the PTSD concerns.

-Concerns about who in the TSA is allowed to perform the searches.
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-My dinner last night included a Turkey Mole taco. It was amazing, and I want to go back to eat more of them. Om nom nom nom nom...

-Organ Trail! It's a zombie apocalypse version of Oregon Trail. Can you make it to Portland, OR from the east coast with your team intact?!?

TSA Links

-How Israel would do it. In early 1992, during the First Gulf War, my mother had to fly to England to be with her friend while she was getting divorced. There was enough of a terror threat that my father refused to buy the tickets unless she flew El-Al. I think the Israeli methods are fantastic, I just doubt we have a large enough pool of trained individuals willing and able to join the TSA. It's a little different when your country has compulsory military training.

JAGBoss also rightfully pointed out that while no actual racial profiling would occur, the institutional racism in our society would skew the reactions of passengers enough to make it seem that way. And then it all falls apart. Thanks, racism!

-While I'm sure much of these hits are sensationalist, it's a little disconcerting to find so many under the search terms TSA+Groping+Children.

-I doubt it'll happen this way, but I imagine this is the goal of National Opt-Out Day.

-Because she refused to put her stuffed animal on the X-ray machine, the TSA gave a 3 year old the enhanced search. There are a few angles to this. 1) That's fucking ridiculous. 2) Why was the father filming this instead of telling his kid to let go of the teddy for two minutes trying to calm her? I don't agree with any side on this one, I think.

-I'm really cranky about the radiation misinformation. While I don't believe it's as dangerous as people fear, I also don't believe it's as harmless as we're being told. The woman in the TSA Success Story who'd been told by her doctor to avoid x-rays of any kind has a valid argument, along with anyone under similar instructions. For the rest of us, though, I'm not so sure, and I'm really uncomfortable with people using it as a reason for protest. I, as a person, carry enormous cancer risk. I still would rather go through the back-scatter scanner than be touched by a stranger in the name of "security." Where [ profile] tongodeon was off-base about the concerns of Dick Bombs, he's a lot more clear on the issue of radiation.
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-More Veronica Mars viewing. So much <3.

-The most recent Medal of Honor has been awarded.

-It looks like LJ is up to their old tricks again.

-Carey Mulligan will play Daisy Buchanan. My jury is out on this, but I think she'll do a good job.

-This year's Childs' Play drive has begun! For the new kids: I had dramatic orthopedic surgery at the age of 10. There were a limited number of Nintendo systems on the Children's Ward, but they were well-used. My parents were very thankful for the distraction video games gave me during my convalescence, and the respite from entertaining me it gave them. Please donate what you can to them. They're a good thing for the world.

TSA Links
-I'm not really comfortable taking part in National Opt-Out Day because I really don't want a stranger touching me, even in the spirit of protest. That said,'s Stories and Observations page is important reading.

-The state of California seems intent on making an example out of John Tyner.

-"Heads up, you've got a cutie." (TW for shitbaggery.)
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-Josh was correct: Actual, for-real bagels are available for purchase and nomming from Whole Foods. FUCK YES BAGELS. We had bagels with lox and tomato slices and omg <3.

-Even more TSA bloggery. This guy definitely didn't handle himself well, but neither did the TSA. Holiday travel will be lovely, I'm sure.

-I had pretty brutal insomnia last night. Fortunately, I had the Children of the 90s blog to keep me entertained.

-I have just seen Pink's "Raise Your Glass" video, thanks to [ profile] rm. Holy hell, Pink. Long may you rock hard.

-I'm showing Josh Veronica Mars for the first time. I feel bad: I forgot how bleak the first episode is. So much for my desire to take a break from the bleakness of Farscape.


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