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Incongruous as it sounds, an 8-hour solo drive was exactly what I needed.

Josh and I arrived home around midnight on Tuesday, addressed what needed to be addressed (read: cat box), and fell into bed. We were up bright and early yesterday, because we wanted to go to the bank and get Chik-fil-A before I started my drive up to Tulsa.

Thanks to Christmas money, we finally had enough spare capital to open a joint account so we don't have to do the money-wiring dance every rent day. It'll also be nice to use for groceries, seeing as it'll be a joint account. House expenses coming from a joint account just makes things easier.

I finally got on the road a little after 11, and had myself a lovely drive, pulling into the Thomas's driveway right after 7. I'm sure there was a faster way to go, but the GPS is set to avoid toll roads, so I spent much of the last leg of the drive creeping through small towns at 25mph.

My favorite highlights of the drive were finally getting to experience Czech Stop kolaches, a very brief rain shower that caused a beautiful rainbow over a gorgeous field, seeing signs for a highway named "Business 69," seeing a sign for "HOT LUBE," and my favorite:

Driving through the DFW Metroplex, my iPod (which had some amazing offerings, btw) queued up "The Jeep Song" by the Dresden Dolls. So I'm singing along, and I realize that the one kind of SUV I don't see (remember, DFW area) is a Jeep Cherokee.

Until the last chorus hits, and, then specifically, a black '96 Cherokee slides up along my right side.

I laughed really, really hard. People in other cars must have thought I was nuts.

But oh man, after the last week I've had, being alone for the whole day, driving up I-35 on a slightly overcast, but otherwise clear day, blasting my iPod's greatest hits and singing along...


I really enjoy long drives, and yesterday was just...::happy sigh::

And today I get to do it going back the other way with [ profile] airspaniel. I AM EXCITE.

Oh, and last night [ profile] airspaniel's folks took us to what was easily the best dinner I've had in ages. We went to this rad steak place called Spudder's, and the first bite I took of my fillet, I'm pretty sure I heard a choir of angels sing. It was done perfectly, and the seasoning on it was so simple. OM NOM NOM.

I'm having so much fun, you guys. ^_^
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-JAGBoss said Wednesday could be optional, so I'm staying the heck home. I have to pack, pick up a couple of items, snuggle the heck out of the cats, and drop off keys and eat baked goods at [ profile] tsarina's.

-We fly to Boston later this afternoon. Austin-Bergstrom doesn't have the backscatter scanners, so I have nothing to opt out of today. We're heading to the airport early because I'd much rather sit at the bar at the gate than fear I'm going to miss my plane.

-Foxtrot's creator Bill Amend did today's XKCD. It's a fantastic guest strip, but my jaw hit the table because I think it may be the first time a mainstream print comic artist did a guest strip on a webcomic. ETA: I'm wrong! Bill Amend has done a guest strip in Penny Arcade as well. Thanks to [personal profile] flemco for the tip.

-While I have plenty of discontent for the current TSA mishegoss, I don't think this horror story has anything to do with current regulations. Though it does contribute to the "Who really is doing this job?" questions.

-[ profile] londo put together an excellent TSA link roundup. Good broad-spectrum linking.

-Daniel Radcliffe says, "I am Harry Potter."

-Time to get on my horse!
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If given the option between the backscatter scan and the enhanced patdown, I'll take the scan. I'm willing to subject myself to the continually-argued-to-be-safe level of radiation, and I'm willing to have my naked image saved on a hard drive somewhere in perpetuity. I'm really not thrilled at the thought of a stranger touching me while I'm trying to catch a flight and wondering if I have time for a beer first. At least the scan I imagine to be quick. (Please correct me if I'm wrong!)

One of the chestnuts being trotted around comment threads is that "by purchasing the ticket, you've agreed to the security protocols." Except, I didn't.

See, when I purchased our tickets for Thanksgiving, the introduction of the scans and the searches hadn't yet been announced. Or at least, their start date hadn't been. So I had no way of knowing in September that I was consenting to policy about to be enacted. If we're talking "consent," that's a whole lot of dub-con.

Now, making that argument for tickets yet-to-be-purchased for Christmas? Totally valid. By buying those tickets (which I haven't yet done, I know, I'm dumb), I'm acknowledging what the policies now are and passively consenting to them. Even if they really sketch me out.

Now, one more thing.

For the people who have problems being touched by strangers for whatever reason? This isn't going to go so well for them.

I'm really looking forward to (in a sarcastic, I'm really angry this has to happen, but I know it will way) the issues the airports have as people have meltdowns in the security lines. It's going to happen. They may not all be full-blown terror fits with screaming and thrashing, but I'm fairly sure that at least once a day at every airport with these protocols, someone will React BadlyTM. Someone will miss a flight. Or cause others to miss a flight. Or miss work. And then the lawsuits will start. Oh wait! That last already happened!

And to do all this right before the busiest travel season? To scores of passengers who bought their tickets long before they knew they'd be subjected to Hobson's Choice?

I smell Impending Doom for the TSA and related agencies.

This will not go well.


Nov. 10th, 2010 10:37 am
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I have made an executive decision. I apologize in advance if people are out of town, or otherwise unable to attend.


I would love to see you.

Details as they come.
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So hey, did you hear that Halloween is next weekend?

Because it is.

And Josh and I are going to San Francisco to attend a Halloween wedding.

We're both out of our preferred shapes, and we've both been pretty creatively stumped of late, so figuring out costume ideas has been...rough.

He's finally decided on a video game mech type thing that may or may not end up as Gordon Freeman from Half-Life.

After wracking my damn brains and not wanting to repeat old costumes (see also: many of my costumes don't fit correctly right now), I've decided I need to do something new.

And, because I'm out of my damn mind, I think I've decided on...Chiana.

Because you know, something bizarre that requires almost full-body paint should be easy, right? @_@

My plan of attack is actually pretty simple: Forever 21. They have lots of stuff that can be piece together to work for all sorts of wacky things. And, it gives me a fabulous excuse to buy these boots. (I didn't need an excuse, but it's nice to have one!)


If any of you have done face makeup like Chiana's, I'd love to pick your brain. My current plan is to buy Jerome Russell hair spray in blue and white and play with it until I figure out what will work.

I'm also debating bleaching my hair, because hey, why the heck not? It's short. It grows pretty fast.



I never do things small, do I?


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