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Hello fabulous Yuletide author! Thank you for offering to write a thing I wanted! Please find below my requests...

Fandom: Rick & Morty

Characters: Summer Smith, Rick Sanchez, Morty Smith

From my letter last year, nothing has changed:

Family and history is what fascinates me about this show. Rick is not the heartless bastard he presents himself as. Well, not entirely, anyway. Under his bluster and vodka is a man who actually does care about the people in his life. Who was he before? How did he get to space? What made him leave Earth and his family there?
I'm especially interested in his relationships with Beth and Summer.

Also, Beth. To be a veterinarian is a huge accomplishment, let alone to do so as a young mother. I want to know about her, about her relationships with Jerry and Summer, and of course, her father. (The Beth stuff is from last year's letter when she was an offered character. If you feel like writing about her, that would be great, but don't feel obligated!)

Note: Rick/Morty is my NOTP. Please, none of this 'ship.

Fandom: Black-ish

Characters: Diane Johnson

Diane is hands down my favorite character on the show. She's the smartest and funniest and cleverest in her whole family.
I'd love a story that highlights her brilliance. Feel free to play with genre, too. The show already did 1920s noir, but don't let that constrain you either. When she's daydreaming, what does Diane imagine? What fantastical scenario would she put herself in? High fantasy? Space opera? Political intrigue? Who is she outsmarting, and why? She's got everyone's number, after all.

Have fun with it!

Fandom: It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Characters: Charlie Kelly

I just...I just want to see Charlie have a good day. However that happens, I want him to be fed, safe, and warm, if only for 24 hours.
Alternately, if you want to write something more meaty, I firmly believe that Charlie Kelly is a tragic case of non-traditional high intelligence in a person with no resources and no one to advocate for him. Tell me a story where that wasn't the case. Basically, Flowers for Charlie, but a look at who he'd have been without the Nightman or a physically-present-but-mentally-absent mother.

Lastly, my favorite element of Yuletide is how creative people get. AUs and crossovers are some of my favorite things, so please let your imagination run away with you. As always, if you click the Yuletide tag, you'll find my letters from earlier years, if you want more info about what I like.

Thank you!! 
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Dearest Author!!

Thank you so much for offering $ThingWeWereMatchedWith!

I'm psyched to see where you'll run with things. :)

Rick & Morty

Family and history is what fascinates me about this show. Rick is not the heartless bastard he presents himself as. Well, not entirely, anyway. Under his bluster and vodka is a man who actually does care about the people in his life. Who was he before? How did he get to space? What made him leave Earth and his family there?

I'm especially interested in his relationships with Beth and Summer.

Also, Beth. To be a veterinarian is a huge accomplishment, let alone to do so as a young mother. I want to know about her, about her relationships with Jerry and Summer, and of course, her father.

Note: Rick/Morty is my NOTP. Please, none of this 'ship.


Like everyone else on the internet, I am ass over teakettle for Hamilton.

I am fascinated by Alexander's relationships. Most specifically, with Eliza and Angelica Schuyler, and with John Laurens. (And about fifty other people, but Yuletide asks us to keep it to a dull roar, you know?)

I am interested in these four people and their relationships to each other. Dinner party, epistolary (I LOVE EPISTOLARY), journal entries. However you want to present it, I want to read about it.


Dana Barrett and Janine Melnitz are the unsung badasses of these stories. Tell me a story of how they had to get into jumpsuits themselves and save the day. Bonus if Dana's cello skills factor in somehow. Double bonus if they end up taking over the business.


Author, a further note.

Feel free to use any elements of my requests for any of the fandoms I've asked for. If you write me a badass ghost busting epistolary Rick & Morty, that would be dope. Or a ghost busting family study about Hamilton and his friends. Or a family study about the Ghost Busters, Inc. I really just love how creative people get with Yuletide.

Seriously, the sand box is over there, get crazy with it. Possibly even...Schwifty.

Above all, please have fun with it.

Thank you!!!


PS - If you click the Yuletide tag, you'll find my letters from earlier years, if you want more info about what I like.
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Hello Yuletide Author!

Apologies for this being written after assignments got sent!

Stuff I love: I love thinky gen fic. Especially for the fandoms I've requested this year. Which isn't to say I don't also love smut! I'm pretty easy to please, honestly. Here is my Dear Yuletide Author letter from last year. I summed things up pretty well there. As I said last year, here are the fics I've written, and here are my bookmarks. My bookmarks are where the serious corners of my id live, so please don't think they're 100% what I'm looking for. I just want you to get an idea of what I like!

On to the specificity!!

Bojack Horseman
I am so taken with this show. I want to know about how Diane met Mr. Peanut Butter. I want to know about how Charlotte met Herb and Bojack. I want to know how Todd and Mr. Peanut Butter's business ventures go! I want to know what happened to Sarah Lynn. Well, what else happened to Sarah Lynn. The show has given us some amazingly diverse, deep, layered characters. I want to see your take on them!

The Good Wife ship became canon last season. Eli Gold is my favorite character on the show, and I punched the air and squeed when he and Natalie Flores kissed. I want to see where this takes them!! Smut, if you're feeling it, would be definitely welcome!

I also love Diane Lockhart, and the way she was jerked around last season hurt me in my soul. I want to know what's going on with her. She's been hurt, let's see some comfort. (It doesn't even have to be from her husband. It could be bonding with Alicia or Kalinda!)

Aww, it's baby's first fandom! No, seriously, this show was one of the first times I really got entrenched in a fandom.

Where is Daria today? What is she doing? She and I basically grew up together, so I'm interested in what the last fourteen years were for her, too.

My One Nope: I'm not interested in a high school or college story. I want to know about Daria as an adult. It doesn't need to be her in 2014, but her younger life is pretty well documented. Thank you!!

The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ & Amal
Oh, I love these boys so much.

I want to know about TJ's life. Who is he? How did he end up in the fix he was in when he met Amal?

I'd love some smut too, if that's where your muse takes you.

Thank you so much, Author!
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Hello, Livejournal.

I am writing here today to honor the memory of my friend Velma, aka [ profile] roadnotes, and by a dozen other names, I'm sure. Velma was a woman of many communities, and our networks intersected in ways I'm sure I'll continue to be surprised by in the coming days.

In true Livejournal, tangled-network fashion, I interacted with Velma first through one mutual friend's comment threads, then another's, eventually friending each other because we liked what the other had to say. The conversations were usually about art, sense of self, and any number of sillinesses. Once meetspace interactions began, they were usually at cozy bars or restaurants where we were there to see our friends who worked there as much as each other.

In short, my memories of Velma can be summed up by music, good drink, and the comforting knowledge that a stranger was just someone I already knew who Velma hadn't attempted to introduce me to yet. (See also, the hilarious case of the proprietor of Quarter, who I knew from a one-act festival in college.)

In early 2009, right after Soren's stroke, as my mother's cancer was getting more serious, and my new partner had moved to Texas for graduate school, Velma and I had a standing Tuesday night date. We'd meet at The Duplex and sing and sing and sing. Those Tuesdays got me through that winter and spring, and I suspect they did the same for her. I hope they did.

I missed her when I moved to Austin. The last time I saw her was after Thanksgiving of 2010, when she joined a large group for lunch at Old Town. If I'd known that would be the last time I'd see her, etc etc....

As I said on Twitter when the news went public: Find a piano bar, sing a torch song, and raise a glass to one of the best people I've been blessed to know.
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Dearest Yuletide Author!

Thank you so much for offering [Thing]! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

To get an idea of what I like, please take a look at my AO3. Here are the fics I've written, and here are my bookmarks.

My bookmarks are where the serious corners of my id live, so please don't think they're 100% what I'm looking for. I just want you to get an idea of what I like!

My fic tastes are kinda like this Kate or Die comic, so...yeah.

I love a good First Time story, long thinky character pieces, or just something cracky and entertaining.

I'll get more specific in my requests.

Thank you so much, Dear Author!


Skywise. Skywise. SKYWIIIIISE.

Did I mention Skywise?

Skywise is such a wonderful, tragic, awesome character, and IMO, one of the best in the whole series.

I OT3 ship him with Cutter and Leetah, but I also love that he basically finds elves all over the world and falls for them, too.

I especially liked his relationship with Aroree.

My headcanon is that he's, if not bi, definitely bi for the right person.

I would love some Skywise smut, if you're so inclined.

If not, a story about his loves, him letting go of his wolfblood...anything. I love Skywise, and I'm interested to see what your thoughts are about him, too!

The Good Wife

If you ask me who my favorite character is, my answer will depend on my mood and the time of day.

Usually, though, it's Eli Gold.

I'd love a character study of him and his relationships with the different women on the show. Alicia, Kalinda, Diane...all of them interact with him in very different ways.

If you really want to make my Yuletide, I'd love a what-if/fix-it fic where he and Natalie Flores have a romance. I shipped it like FedEx, and it broke my heart when she went to Canada with her tone-deaf boyfriend.

If you're not into writing Eli, then Diane, Kalinda, and Alicia are all also awesome. Especially Diane and Kalinda. They're such HBIC, and I love them.

New York City

So like.

I'm originally from Manhattan, and I lived in Brooklyn for five years after college.

I now live in Austin, TX, which I also love.

I grew up there, and my heart still skips a beat whenever I cross the Manhattan Bridge on the Q train and see New York Harbor.

Make me homesick in the best way.

The Dresden Files

I think...I think I just want some serious Molly/Thomas smut.

That said, it could be just smut, or Molly working out her feelings for Harry through Thomas? Or just the fact that Thomas is an incubus and she needs to get laid?

Play with it, but oh my yes, I'd enjoy it.

Man, they could make some beautiful music together.

What do you think?
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Greetings Derby-loving Whovians!

I will be bringing shirts with the GRD logo to Gallifrey One!

Shirts will be $15 each. Please let me know if you have any size or shirt color requests! 

Otherwise, I will have black tees and tanks in S - XL.

Inbox me, or hit me up at jvfriedman at gmail dot com!

See you in LA!

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Dearest Yuletide Author!

My sincere apologies for my tardiness in writing this. Thank you for being my Author!!

My Three Requests are:

1. The Addams Family (movies)

I love these movies beyond the telling of it. I would love a story about Wednesday in college or as an adult. A mother/daughter conversation between her and Morticia would be an extra treat. The last time we really saw Wednesday, she was 12 or 13. Who did she grow up to be?

2. Don't Trust the B**** in Apt 23

This show is so much better than it has any right to be. Have fun with this one! I really love Chloe and James's friendship, but I also really love that June and James are building a friendship as well. I kinda ship June/James, but mostly out of morbid curiosity. It would be a total trainwreck, but I'd love to watch it happen.

3. Eureka

This is such a fantastic ensemble show. My favorite characters are Jo, Fargo, Zoe, Henry, and Vincent. I'm cool with a romantic or gen story, no real preference.

I'd like to see the citizens of Eureka have a good day. (Eureka started to feel like Farscape at the end with the "Nobody ever has a good day" kind of patterns.)

Thank you so much again, Author! Happy Yuletide!!!
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On a much, much happier note…
My father and my brother came into town this weekend to come to my birthday party and see me skate in a scrimmage.

My brother got this shot on his phone (why it’s so grainy), and it’s the first action shot of me skating where I don’t hate my form. 

My family got to see my team win, and got to see me execute some jammer takeouts and other effective playing.

It meant so, so much to me to have them get to see me skate. After my Dad came down in April and saw a bout, the first thing he said to me was “When do I get to see you do that?”

When I arrived to pick them up at their hotel, my Dad was wearing a t-shirt that said, “Roller Derby Dad: My Daughter Can Beat Up You[sic] Son”

I nearly burst into happy tears when I saw it.

It was truly a fantastic, beautiful weekend. 

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Pretty much exactly what I figured was wrong is what the doctor said is wrong.

I will get back on the wagon of my PT exercises from last winter, ice the crap out of my leg, and rest.

My COBRA hasn't kicked in yet, so I had to drop a lot of money to be told that, but seeing as I can get it reimbursed later, I was happy to do so.

[Bad username or site: merlyn4401: @] It sounded like there was some bursa stuff going on, too, based on what the doctor said. I asm unsurprised. ;) 
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 If a property sold last July? TAKE IT THE FUCK OFF YOUR SEARCH RESULTS.

I spent the last two weeks day dreaming about this PERFECT place, contacted a real estate agent, and then was told it’s been off the market for almost a year. Did I want to see similar properties in the area?


Guys, I didn’t even WANT to buy a house until I saw this one. Four bedrooms! Pool! Less than a mile to my favorite restaurant! Bike-safe commutes for me and my boyfriend!

But no.

It’s off the market. Do I want to see similar properties?

Nope. I wanted that one. 


 (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


Feb. 15th, 2012 06:49 pm
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I am waiting for my flight to be called to go to Gally.

I am two, desperately needed, beverages in.

Today highlighted that despite the one that I'm the one deeply fucking up, I have to be the one to call the come to Jesus meetings.

I am out of evens to can't, and I'm torn between spending hours hip deep in work documents this weekend, and telling them all to go blow.

Whoops, flight called. See you on Pacific Time.
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Morbo came home last night, and seems better and in good spirits.

Thank you all for your well-wishes, they were much appreciated.
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[ profile] tammypierce posts:

edited to add: if it doesn't work out, we'll take her back. We don't want her homeless or in a shelter!

The guy who helps us keep house is just as big a mushball for cats as well are. Unfortunately, he is up to his limit with 5 cats. He knew about this girl, one of the cats in the area around his yard, and when he saw her developing a little football belly, he brought her straight to us. She isn't feral like the other cats he keeps an eye on, so she came along very willingly, and because we already have a houseful, she's been living in our mud room. She would VERY much like a forever home and family of her own!

For obvious reasons, we've named her Ms. Moustache (pronounced the French way, moo-STASH). If you live within driving distance of Syracuse NY and can convince me you will take care of her and can keep her on a permanent basis, she is yours. She has had her shots, and she is spayed. Something happened to her tail, so it isn't as long as she would like, because you know she's the kind of sweetie who would love to wave her tail in the air!

And here is a picture of this ham:
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Not too long ago, one of the co-founders of my company slunk through the office and quietly distributed Nerf guns to everyone. A short-lived Nerf war started, which was quickly shooshed and shut down by our Executive Producer.

Ever since, the tell-tale whistle of Nerf ballistics can be heard through the office at random intervals. No full-on war has started again, but skirmishes still occur.

One afternoon, late in the day, I found myself in a standoff with a friend. And then suddenly, something hit me in the right butt-cheek. Having only seen my friend with a weapon in his hand, I proceeded to empty the rest of my clip at him, as he protested that it hadn't been him.

He also swore he wouldn't tell me who had taken the shot.

I pressed him for why, and he finally side-stepped apologetically to the phrase, "Bros before hos," further backpedaling with, "You're not a 'ho, but you're also not a bro."

And that was when I got offended.

This is a dude I'd talked with at length about video games, music, and drugs. We'd talked about relationships and our families. I often gave him a lift home.

At no point did I ever think I'd be considered "other" simply because I'm a woman.

But apparently I was.

People, this is rape culture distilled. If he wasn't going to tell me who shot me in the butt with a Nerf dart because of perceived gender difference, what the hell else won't he interfere with? Even if he doesn't realize the scalable nature of this stance?

I know this guy thinks of himself as a good guy--and he is! But...his firm insistence that he "couldn't sell out a bro" tells me that in his eyes, as cool as he may think I am, I'm still "other," and possibly "lesser," even if he doesn't realize it.

At its bare bones, this is a story of someone defending another's actions simply because of his gender versus mine. And that shit ain't cool.
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I just got this in my morning blast of timed corporate emails:

I can't tell if this means McD's has hit a certain desperation, or if Living Social has. Either
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This year, I have a reason that's pretty familiar to many of you to be Thankful.

This year, I'm thankful for Roller Derby.

Because of Roller Derby, I am now in the best shape in my life. I don't mean I dropped 20lbs and am now made of rock.

I mean last week I was able to do ten minutes of sprint intervals. I mean that my resting heart rate is 64bpm. I mean that my labs are textbook perfect.

Wanting to improve my skating finally got me to an orthopedist for pain in my right leg that had been plaguing me for years, which got me into physical therapy. I saw an almost immediate improvement in my skating, and now I have hope of resolving chronic pain that was impacting my life in ways I didn't even realize.

I'm thankful that by signing up for this one thing, I went from knowing a handful of people in my new town, to knowing many people. My weekends of sitting at my computer wondering where the party is are a thing of the past. Okay, I still do that sometimes, but then, don't we all?

In all seriousness, derby really did take me from "I live in Austin," to being an active member of the community.

I am thankful for the wonderful women I now have in my life. They make me laugh, support me, cheer me on, and make me push myself until my legs come out from under me from exhaustion.

I am so thankful I finally chased this long-ignored desire.

Thank you.

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Cut for the lyrics )

Cross-posting goodness! Comment where you wish!


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