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Dearest Author!!

Thank you so much for offering $ThingWeWereMatchedWith!

I'm psyched to see where you'll run with things. :)

Rick & Morty

Family and history is what fascinates me about this show. Rick is not the heartless bastard he presents himself as. Well, not entirely, anyway. Under his bluster and vodka is a man who actually does care about the people in his life. Who was he before? How did he get to space? What made him leave Earth and his family there?

I'm especially interested in his relationships with Beth and Summer.

Also, Beth. To be a veterinarian is a huge accomplishment, let alone to do so as a young mother. I want to know about her, about her relationships with Jerry and Summer, and of course, her father.

Note: Rick/Morty is my NOTP. Please, none of this 'ship.


Like everyone else on the internet, I am ass over teakettle for Hamilton.

I am fascinated by Alexander's relationships. Most specifically, with Eliza and Angelica Schuyler, and with John Laurens. (And about fifty other people, but Yuletide asks us to keep it to a dull roar, you know?)

I am interested in these four people and their relationships to each other. Dinner party, epistolary (I LOVE EPISTOLARY), journal entries. However you want to present it, I want to read about it.


Dana Barrett and Janine Melnitz are the unsung badasses of these stories. Tell me a story of how they had to get into jumpsuits themselves and save the day. Bonus if Dana's cello skills factor in somehow. Double bonus if they end up taking over the business.


Author, a further note.

Feel free to use any elements of my requests for any of the fandoms I've asked for. If you write me a badass ghost busting epistolary Rick & Morty, that would be dope. Or a ghost busting family study about Hamilton and his friends. Or a family study about the Ghost Busters, Inc. I really just love how creative people get with Yuletide.

Seriously, the sand box is over there, get crazy with it. Possibly even...Schwifty.

Above all, please have fun with it.

Thank you!!!


PS - If you click the Yuletide tag, you'll find my letters from earlier years, if you want more info about what I like.


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