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Hello fabulous Yuletide author! Thank you for offering to write a thing I wanted! Please find below my requests...

Fandom: Rick & Morty

Characters: Summer Smith, Rick Sanchez, Morty Smith

From my letter last year, nothing has changed:

Family and history is what fascinates me about this show. Rick is not the heartless bastard he presents himself as. Well, not entirely, anyway. Under his bluster and vodka is a man who actually does care about the people in his life. Who was he before? How did he get to space? What made him leave Earth and his family there?
I'm especially interested in his relationships with Beth and Summer.

Also, Beth. To be a veterinarian is a huge accomplishment, let alone to do so as a young mother. I want to know about her, about her relationships with Jerry and Summer, and of course, her father. (The Beth stuff is from last year's letter when she was an offered character. If you feel like writing about her, that would be great, but don't feel obligated!)

Note: Rick/Morty is my NOTP. Please, none of this 'ship.

Fandom: Black-ish

Characters: Diane Johnson

Diane is hands down my favorite character on the show. She's the smartest and funniest and cleverest in her whole family.
I'd love a story that highlights her brilliance. Feel free to play with genre, too. The show already did 1920s noir, but don't let that constrain you either. When she's daydreaming, what does Diane imagine? What fantastical scenario would she put herself in? High fantasy? Space opera? Political intrigue? Who is she outsmarting, and why? She's got everyone's number, after all.

Have fun with it!

Fandom: It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Characters: Charlie Kelly

I just...I just want to see Charlie have a good day. However that happens, I want him to be fed, safe, and warm, if only for 24 hours.
Alternately, if you want to write something more meaty, I firmly believe that Charlie Kelly is a tragic case of non-traditional high intelligence in a person with no resources and no one to advocate for him. Tell me a story where that wasn't the case. Basically, Flowers for Charlie, but a look at who he'd have been without the Nightman or a physically-present-but-mentally-absent mother.

Lastly, my favorite element of Yuletide is how creative people get. AUs and crossovers are some of my favorite things, so please let your imagination run away with you. As always, if you click the Yuletide tag, you'll find my letters from earlier years, if you want more info about what I like.

Thank you!! 
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