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 If a property sold last July? TAKE IT THE FUCK OFF YOUR SEARCH RESULTS.

I spent the last two weeks day dreaming about this PERFECT place, contacted a real estate agent, and then was told it’s been off the market for almost a year. Did I want to see similar properties in the area?


Guys, I didn’t even WANT to buy a house until I saw this one. Four bedrooms! Pool! Less than a mile to my favorite restaurant! Bike-safe commutes for me and my boyfriend!

But no.

It’s off the market. Do I want to see similar properties?

Nope. I wanted that one. 


 (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


Jun. 28th, 2011 01:42 pm
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In.gredients, a zero-packaging grocery store will be opening in Austin soon.


On the one hand: awesome. Less waste, and goods are usually cheaper when you can buy them in as-needed amounts and without having to pay for packaging that will only get thrown away.

On the other hand...

Was there ever a wankier, greener than thou piece of shit to come down the pike?!?

I'll probably go to see what it's all about, but...

Honestly, who has the time to plan out their grocery trips, gather the necessary containers, and shop like this?

I'm both impressed and baffled.

Anyone else got anything?
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Work and Derby going well.

[ profile] airspaniel and [ profile] rockradar came to visit last week, and it was amaaaaaazing. I love them both so much, and I miss them so much, and it was so awesome to have them in my house.

That their flight didn't get in until 5am Friday when it was supposed to have arrived 11:30pm Thursday really sucked, but the important thing is that they got here, and we had all the fun. And drank all the beer.

Operation: CONVINCE THEM TO MOVE HERE was moved further towards success. Pictures and a more detailed post to come.

Here, have some links...

-Either Gearbox are stupid, or their PR firm is really stupid.

-Enjoy a free download of Samuel L. Jackson reading the instant children's classic, Go the F**k to Sleep. Yes, this has been linked everywhere. BRB, not caring!

-Why Groupon is Poised For Collapse. Wow, eerily reminiscent of the housing bubble's burst...

-6 Reasons Engagement Ring Shopping Objectively Sucks. YES THIS. If you're dropping many figures on my engagement ring, I'd want to know why that money wasn't thrown at your debt. Or a sweet vacation. Or something more useful than, to use a quote from the comments, "something that could be left on a sink in a public restroom."

-I'm a little late to the party with this one, but [ profile] bodlon is raising money for top surgery. I <3 him to tiny little pieces, and he deserves all the help he can get.
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My roller derby league is having a shooting range social.


Mar. 15th, 2011 08:32 am
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SXSW is going quite well, and I've gotten to see a lot of old friends who've stopped by the booth or whom I've run into.

But you guys.

I'm so tired.

(How tired are you?)

I put a load of wash in last night, put it in the dryer...and forgot to turn the dryer on.


I can't believe I did that. Sigh.
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Last night, I went over to my friend Blitz's apartment complex and we worked out in her fitness center. Yeah, I've got one of my own, but it's more fun to work out with a friend. I ran again, and it felt goooood.

After, I showered and headed downtown because there was derby socializing to be had: A party at a bar with a mechanical bull!

I assumed the bar was near the restaurant where people were meeting up, so I parked near there...and then had to walk nearly the length of 6th Street to get to the bar. @_@

That was really interesting, because the part of town I walked through is the bit that's actually on a grid. With sidewalks, and tall buildings, and OH GOD IT FELT LIKE 3RD AVENUE IN MIDTOWN. It was so weird and creepy and it fucked with my head. Because I started my walk in Austin, went through midtown Manhattan, and then ended up (on what feels like) Bourbon Street. COGNITIVE DISSONANCE WHAT.

I finally got to the bar, met up with some of my derby ladies, and yes, I rode the mechanical bull.

My thoughts?

Mechanical bulls (at least this one) exist in a creepy not-an-animal-but-looks-like-one uncanny valley. That, and ow, they hurt.

My legs are too short to get a decent grip on the "beast" with my thighs, and what purchase I can get just felt poky and sharp.

I did, however, manage to stay on for a reasonably respectable amount of time for a Northerner like me. But when I fell off, it was as much a "tapping out" as getting thrown.

I walked back to my car with two derby mates who'd also parked their cars by the restaurant.

I was home by 11:30.

I has the sleepy.


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