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-JAGBoss said Wednesday could be optional, so I'm staying the heck home. I have to pack, pick up a couple of items, snuggle the heck out of the cats, and drop off keys and eat baked goods at [ profile] tsarina's.

-We fly to Boston later this afternoon. Austin-Bergstrom doesn't have the backscatter scanners, so I have nothing to opt out of today. We're heading to the airport early because I'd much rather sit at the bar at the gate than fear I'm going to miss my plane.

-Foxtrot's creator Bill Amend did today's XKCD. It's a fantastic guest strip, but my jaw hit the table because I think it may be the first time a mainstream print comic artist did a guest strip on a webcomic. ETA: I'm wrong! Bill Amend has done a guest strip in Penny Arcade as well. Thanks to [personal profile] flemco for the tip.

-While I have plenty of discontent for the current TSA mishegoss, I don't think this horror story has anything to do with current regulations. Though it does contribute to the "Who really is doing this job?" questions.

-[ profile] londo put together an excellent TSA link roundup. Good broad-spectrum linking.

-Daniel Radcliffe says, "I am Harry Potter."

-Time to get on my horse!
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-Josh and I have no plans this weekend, and it is awesome. Tonight belongs to Veronica Mars and a bottle of wine.

-Thanks to Josh's employer, we got to see Harry Potter last night. Wow, what an awesome translation of that book. Seriously, that was the best one yet. The first movie, while visually note-perfect, hewed too close to the book to be as awesome as it could have been. This one, though, separated the wheat from the chaff, and showed us the story efficiently and powerfully. The closing scenes were just...*low whistle*. Nice. I can't wait till Part 2.

-Via [ profile] bart_calendar, Johnny Rotten's well-wishes for Wills and Kate.

-I have no idea what you're talking about, so here's a picture of DC Comics' Paul Levitz looking coy with a coffee table book. There's something really interesting and feminine about that picture, especially since he's pretty far from feminine himself. (He's also a sweet and lovely man. I'm not trying to mock him, I'm just totally transfixed by the picture.)

-I'm looking for someplace to convene for Brunch next Saturday. I'm thinking Live Bait or Duke's, but I'm open to suggestions. I honestly have no idea how many people will end up rolling through, so someplace that can take a large group is preferred. Hmm...maybe Old Town?

-One of my favorite co-workers is leaving to work for Apple. While I'm pleased his star is rising, I'm sad the co-worker with the sense of humor closest to mine is leaving. :(

-This piece on what Coolio is cooking for Thanksgiving absolutely cracked me up. Yes, you read that correctly.

TSA Blogging!

-Bruce Schneier gives us his $.02. To me, the best part of the piece is that he links to [ profile] elusis's piece, and praises it.

-This story, of a flight attendant asked to remove her prosthetic breast had me shaking with anger.

-TSA Responds to complaints about airport pat-downs of children.

-Shakesville discusses why it was so important that the Newsweek article was good for those against the new regulations.
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-I went with Josh to his office's poker game last night. I did pretty well until we switched tables after the break, and then I was out in like, five hands. I was dominating my original table up to that point. I'm finding I rather like poker. (Hey, it's a trolley! And I'm late for it!) On the upside, now I finally know what I'd do if I ever went to Vegas. (Double my buy-in and then GTFO.)

-Tonight we're seeing a screening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 1!! I am, of course, rocking my Ravenclaw colors.

TSA Links

-[ profile] elusis takes one for the team. Thank you for that, [ profile] elusis.

-An airport in Florida is hiring a private security firm to take over their checkpoints. I wish it was a bigger airport, but hey, teaspoons and babysteps.

-A woman is suing the TSA for exposing her breasts to the entire security area, and worse, for an agent joking about having wished he was there to film it for his own enjoyment. For the love of god, don't read the comments.

-More flyer forum chatter.

-Newsweek addresses the PTSD concerns.

-Concerns about who in the TSA is allowed to perform the searches.
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-My dinner last night included a Turkey Mole taco. It was amazing, and I want to go back to eat more of them. Om nom nom nom nom...

-Organ Trail! It's a zombie apocalypse version of Oregon Trail. Can you make it to Portland, OR from the east coast with your team intact?!?

TSA Links

-How Israel would do it. In early 1992, during the First Gulf War, my mother had to fly to England to be with her friend while she was getting divorced. There was enough of a terror threat that my father refused to buy the tickets unless she flew El-Al. I think the Israeli methods are fantastic, I just doubt we have a large enough pool of trained individuals willing and able to join the TSA. It's a little different when your country has compulsory military training.

JAGBoss also rightfully pointed out that while no actual racial profiling would occur, the institutional racism in our society would skew the reactions of passengers enough to make it seem that way. And then it all falls apart. Thanks, racism!

-While I'm sure much of these hits are sensationalist, it's a little disconcerting to find so many under the search terms TSA+Groping+Children.

-I doubt it'll happen this way, but I imagine this is the goal of National Opt-Out Day.

-Because she refused to put her stuffed animal on the X-ray machine, the TSA gave a 3 year old the enhanced search. There are a few angles to this. 1) That's fucking ridiculous. 2) Why was the father filming this instead of telling his kid to let go of the teddy for two minutes trying to calm her? I don't agree with any side on this one, I think.

-I'm really cranky about the radiation misinformation. While I don't believe it's as dangerous as people fear, I also don't believe it's as harmless as we're being told. The woman in the TSA Success Story who'd been told by her doctor to avoid x-rays of any kind has a valid argument, along with anyone under similar instructions. For the rest of us, though, I'm not so sure, and I'm really uncomfortable with people using it as a reason for protest. I, as a person, carry enormous cancer risk. I still would rather go through the back-scatter scanner than be touched by a stranger in the name of "security." Where [ profile] tongodeon was off-base about the concerns of Dick Bombs, he's a lot more clear on the issue of radiation.


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