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Hello Yuletide Author!

Apologies for this being written after assignments got sent!

Stuff I love: I love thinky gen fic. Especially for the fandoms I've requested this year. Which isn't to say I don't also love smut! I'm pretty easy to please, honestly. Here is my Dear Yuletide Author letter from last year. I summed things up pretty well there. As I said last year, here are the fics I've written, and here are my bookmarks. My bookmarks are where the serious corners of my id live, so please don't think they're 100% what I'm looking for. I just want you to get an idea of what I like!

On to the specificity!!

Bojack Horseman
I am so taken with this show. I want to know about how Diane met Mr. Peanut Butter. I want to know about how Charlotte met Herb and Bojack. I want to know how Todd and Mr. Peanut Butter's business ventures go! I want to know what happened to Sarah Lynn. Well, what else happened to Sarah Lynn. The show has given us some amazingly diverse, deep, layered characters. I want to see your take on them!

The Good Wife ship became canon last season. Eli Gold is my favorite character on the show, and I punched the air and squeed when he and Natalie Flores kissed. I want to see where this takes them!! Smut, if you're feeling it, would be definitely welcome!

I also love Diane Lockhart, and the way she was jerked around last season hurt me in my soul. I want to know what's going on with her. She's been hurt, let's see some comfort. (It doesn't even have to be from her husband. It could be bonding with Alicia or Kalinda!)

Aww, it's baby's first fandom! No, seriously, this show was one of the first times I really got entrenched in a fandom.

Where is Daria today? What is she doing? She and I basically grew up together, so I'm interested in what the last fourteen years were for her, too.

My One Nope: I'm not interested in a high school or college story. I want to know about Daria as an adult. It doesn't need to be her in 2014, but her younger life is pretty well documented. Thank you!!

The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ & Amal
Oh, I love these boys so much.

I want to know about TJ's life. Who is he? How did he end up in the fix he was in when he met Amal?

I'd love some smut too, if that's where your muse takes you.

Thank you so much, Author!


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